I just returned from conducting a sales training seminar with a new customer and what a great feeling. It was truly refreshing to see a group of salespeople so fired up about engaging new product features and incorporating them into their everyday sales strategies. This company is one of the busiest I have seen in this still somewhat tentative economy and they are about to add a second shift to production! What is their key to key to success? In large part, it is their salespeople!

This was one of the sharpest groups I have seen. What made them special? Number one was their passion! They were truly fired up about the window products they are selling. You cannot train someone to be passionate. They either have it or they don’t. And when they do have it and have it at the level that this group possessed, then it is one of the most valuable resources a company can have, as well as being the most dangerous weapon a competitor can possibly face! Passion shines through in any sales presentation, and it says a great deal to the potential customer about the product and the company that the salespeople are pitching.

Number two was their thirst for knowledge. They were not happy with just getting a general understanding during the training. They needed to totally understand things, and more importantly they wanted to understand how they would incorporate their newfound knowledge into their sales strategies and presentations in order to show that their product is superior to their competition! They took every new feature and wanted to fully understand how to translate these into benefits to their prospective customer. A presentation that was designed to go an hour and a half went three hours because of all of the questions asked and answered. Their sales manager of course didn’t cut the time short since he had his own questions to ask!

The final key attribute they possessed a strong desire to succeed which manifested itself as a knack for suggesting what they were going to need to succeed in the marketplace, and the gumption to ask for it! New ideas were generated for sales aides, literature and warranties and these were all directed at both me and their sales manager. Now as a sales manager myself, I will tell you that this will make his job easier since he now knows that if he can deliver these sales aides to his salespeople, they will in turn deliver to him a great deal of new business! If he gets the job done, they will reciprocate. How sweet it is!

These three attributes – passion, thirst for knowledge and the strong desire to succeed are all vital to the obvious success of this sales group and not one of these can be taught! My role here, I thought, was to deliver new knowledge to these people but it is the level of enthusiasm to which they embraced it which will make all of the difference!

So when I walked out of this presentation, I was even more enthused about my products and my role in selling them than I was going in. Their enthusiasm added even more power to mine!

That’s the thing about enthusiasm – it is highly communicable!

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