Company representatives for Lincoln Windows say the company is making significant progress in re-starting operations at its Merrill, Wis., plant that was severely damaged by a tornado that touched down on Sunday, April 10.

“Customer service is back and our computers are up and running,” says Steve Kahle, sales manager. “We have relocated personnel, are talking with customers and entering orders. We have also restarted specialty production, as well as cutting and ripping.”

The company maintains multiple production locations in Merrill and fortunately only the final assembly plant and offices were damaged.

In a statement posted on its website on April 16, the company stated that fortunately the tornado occurred on a Sunday when the facility was closed. “Even though the area was heavily hit, only minor injuries were suffered in the community. The only injury at Lincoln was sustained by a security guard,” said the statement.

The company’s Timeline facility, also located in Merrill, was not damaged by the tornado but was affected for three or four days as the two companies share computer operations. However, Kahle says those capabilities have been restored and production has resumed on existing and incoming orders.

Lincoln representatives also say they were overwhelmed by the support of various members of the community including its dealers and competitors.

“Our dealers immediately contacted their customers, and the amount of people who have said ‘we will wait for orders’ is tremendous,” said Kahle. “People were calling just to ask how we were—it was very heart warming.”

He adds that several local competitors offered equipment, facilities, trailers, etc., and Lincoln took one company up on that offer.

“We are renting part of a facility that Hurd moved out of,” said Kahle. “We moved our aluminum fabrication there.”

Kahle says damage estimates are unknown at this time saying, “We just know that it was substantial.”

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