While traveling this past week for Fenestration Day I saw an interesting article in the American Airlines magazine regarding how hotel companies track customer feedback. You can imagine that hotels can sometimes make it or break it based on guest reactions. One bad review on the web and that may cause someone considering that hotel to go on to the competitor down the block.

The point of the article was a system developed solely for the hotel industry in which hotel owners are notified instantly when a bad review hits the web, allowing the owner to go to that website and post comments as well, or even e-mail the person who posted to help get to the heart of the issue. In one case, a dissatisfied customer turned into one of the company’s best spokespeople.

This article struck me as I know how much people use the web as a way to post complaints and gain the attention of certain companies.

For example, even though we are a trade publication, consumers who search for X window company will find stories on our website about that company and randomly post complaints as comments to that story. When I see those comments I pass them on to the individual companies in most cases as I know they would be interested to see these reactions.

Some follow up and I imagine some do not. I wonder if some even know they are there. For example, with a big company maybe I am sending to the wrong contact or who I send it to doesn’t pass it on.

So this article really made me wonder what you as a window manufacturer do to keep up with the abundance of information on the web as it pertains to your company. And how do you track it all? Is there a program out there you’re using similar to what some in the hotel industry use?

Do you e-mail the person who commented? I’d love some anecdotal info, if nothing more than for my own knowledge.

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