Simonton Windows has finalized plans to relocate its corporate office to Easton Town Center in Columbus, Ohio. The transition is set to be complete in June 2011. The company is part of the Home and Security business of Fortune Brands Inc..

“We’re extremely pleased to announce the new location of our corporate office,” says Mark Savan, president of Simonton Windows. “This move fully supports our vision of becoming a more consumer-oriented company. The state of Ohio and the city of Columbus have been extremely supportive of our move. We hope to move into the new space in June.”

Located at 3948 Townsfair Way, Simonton’s new corporate office space is on the second floor above retail outlets in the Easton Town Center complex. “This location has exactly what we were seeking,” says Savan. “It has excellent accessibility for our customers and vendors, numerous amenities for our employees and a consumer-products orientation.”

Savan also notes that the new space will include a product showroom and comfortably host customer and vendor meetings. “This is a dynamic setting and we’re looking forward to becoming an integral part of the greater Columbus community,” says Savan.

Approximately 80 Simonton associates will work in Simonton’s new Easton Town Center office location. Several departments will remain at the former corporate office located in Parkersburg, W. Va.

Simonton plans to retain its current Briscoe Road location in Parkersburg as home to functions including customer service, marketing services and information technology. The corporate office move to Columbus will have no impact on the manufacturing facilities located in California, Illinois, Oklahoma and West Virginia.


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  1. James Mardeusz


    Mon, Nov 27 at 4:31 PM
    Corprait office;
    Please review this at your earliest convience. Apoligies sending this to your personal email.

    This is in regards to one of your dealers, Allure Windows.

    See photograp

    Attn: Sid Spear & Jeff Tringham

    I originally heard about SIMINGTON WINDOWS at home depot. Originally wanted to purchase Home Depots stock/special order windows to save money and find an installer to install all two windows and two sliding glass doors which came to the amount 3700.00 and was hoping to find an installer in my area who would do the install for 2000.00 totaling around 5700.00 before tax on the windows. Instead after hearing about the quality of Simington Windows from Home Depot I eventually called while looking for an installer the company Allure Windows of El Cajon Ca. A man answered. I asked if he installed windows I purchased from Home depot and install them in my condo?. that would include picking them up and transportation to my home. After talking to the owner of Allure windows, John; He explained he installs but only windows I would purchase from him. I gave him the sizes and he came back with a sale price of 7700.00 labor and windows. I thought and thought over this. I knew the Simington windows were a higher quality so I decided to hire Allure windows to do my sliding glass doors and windows. Note: I clearly told him I was excited as Simington windows have locks so they could be locked when open a short distance. We set up a time so he could come to my condo and measure even though I had measured them. So far so good. Now this for me is a lot of money but I thought I was getting the a great deal. To my surprise the owner of Allure windows came out to measure. Soon after that he sent me invoices, I checked the measurements and the cost and signed the documents.

    A few weeks later With no notice the owner of Allure , John comes to my place with the windows it was lucky I was home that day as I never got notice. He used a dolly and rolled them outside my place. As he was moving the window for the dining room he asked could I help him bring it into my place. Ok I said but thought that was strange me helping out. The large sliding door was left strapped to the staircase in the walk way outside until he returned. I mentioned how would he get the sliding glass door inside? Note: ( the door had one side of glass in it ). He mentioned he would need to put it over the patio fence. I said that could be a problem because of its height of the fence and I didn’t want to ruin it. I mentioned if he and a few guys maybe that would work, but I don’t think he heard me. Well the day came for installation and to my surprise It was only John the owner of Allure windows. That seemed strange the owner is here to install. He began prepping the doors and windows here and there. At some point he was saying he needed my help to lift the large sliding glass door, he said he ordered it with out the glass installed in it, not according to the invoice by the way. He took the glass out leaving some sticky tape. We carried it to the front patio. I explain we cant touch the fence, It was myself on the outside and him to receive it on the inside. I lift up the whole door wall high enough to then have him grab it and lowered it down to him. I should have never had to do that. It was the second day he finished I noticed no calking around the outer edges of the window frames, so I asked him why was there no calking around the windows?. His answer was nothing was wrong with that . Its not easy for me to speak up for things but after he said the eves will not let the water in the windows that I said I would prefer the windows be calked. Thinking to myself this was crazy I had to bring this up to him. Now this is a representative of Simington windows telling me no calk. I did not want bugs crawling inside the cracks.

    I was a manufactures representative for twelve years in the business and if I conducted my work as he did raising my voice and giving excuses that made no since I would have lost the line.

    Now im not rich and don’t have money. My Mom was gracious enough to help with the cost and that was a first in my life.

    Other things like he may have mismeasured the guest room bedroom and had to cut off about an inch on either side and the bottom. I mentioned to john that looks jagged could he not calk it. His excuse was he could not because of the stucco. I was feeling horrifically stunned. Not only I paid two thousand dollars more then the windows I could have gotten at HD then to get this kind of workmanship!

    My father was a contractor and brilliant pleasing customers. I also am handy. I felt if I had a truck and a guy I could have done a better job. In the front and back sliding doors inside (see pics) he left a gap in the floor a quarter inch & never filled it. Finger prints on all of them. No calking on the bottom of the back slider at the bottom, great! As all these areas with no calk bugs crawl in. Why should I have had to be pointing these things out and mad at myself I hired him. So very upset with his workmanship! I even told him as he is standing over me for the five hundred dollars balance, I said he was lucky I was giving him a check. I did it because I felt pressure from him. What regret and anguish! No one should have to go through this! I thought if he installed for someone who did not know better that must happen often. Why was he doing this to me, and I helped him, was gracious with him in my home offered water. See photos please note the many flaws. Calking slubbed, missing or a mess on the windows. Was I to go back and correct all of this? I don’t need more projects!!! And I paid for a professional. I told him after I wrote the check that his workmanship was poor at best and how he could feel good about this I don’t know. I could not even tell my mother as I didn’t want to upset her as she wanted this to be a joy for me after all I waited years to get these, she is 92.

    I would think Simington windows would want to know about the companies representing them. Im hoping Simington will make an accommodation for me regarding this mishap with Allure windows. Not only did Allure make commission on these doors and windows but made money in installing these windows. Or may be you can help me get reimbursed the two thousand, the difference had I got the HD windows. I think this would be fair solution considering all that transpired. Would you recommend I also report this to the better business bureau? Or YELP and or other business-related complaints as to the service, quality and installation.?

    Thank you for your time in this matter.

    James Mardeusz

    589 N Johnson Ave 120

    El Cajon California 92020

    Phone 619 300 1797

    Sincerely, James Mardeusz

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