If you’re an avid reader of my blog, you know that a few years ago I made a pledge to bring you good news in the industry, along with the bad—and unfortunately the last few years have brought a great deal of the latter. But I hope I have been successful in highlighting some bright spots. Today I have a few more for you.

Last week Gorell Windows and Doors announced that sales of windows and doors during the past two months were 12.5 percent higher than the same eight-week period in 2009. The company also has acquired a record 125 new window dealers this year, and has expanded its territory.

There are others, though some may not be publicizing it—but they do exist. In fact, I talked to representatives of a few of these companies at the Win-door show last week though when I started writing in my notebook a few would say, “Don’t write about that. We don’t want others to know we are growing.” Some may say that due to competitive reasons but I’ve also talked to some who say they simply don’t want to announce it when they know some companies are struggling.

I do realize it’s difficult for companies to remain optimistic when there are so many uncertainties. When at Win-door, companies would constantly say things like, “2011 will still be a rough year, don’t you think? What do you expect for 2011? We don’t think things will really turn around until 2012.” That latter statement does seem to be the consensus, according to industry forecasts that DWM has published in recent weeks.

And then there is the uncertainty that is the tax credit. What will happen when that expires at the end of the year? Will it cause the industry to suffer even more? We all wish we could answer these questions.

But I don’t want to end on a down note so my advice would be to look to those companies who are having success. While at AMD last month, a noted marketing expert stated that in a downturn is when companies gain market share. So continue to research how you can increase your slice of the pie. Since Thanksgiving is in two days I’ll end on that note. So be thankful for your successes and remember to look for additional ways to improve. Happy Thanksgiving!

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