The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has developed a new education course on vinyl profile certification. Titled Exterior Vinyl Profiles of Windows, Doors and Skylights: Customer Confidence through Profile Certification, the course has been accredited by the American Institute of Architects.

The educational course, which was developed by the AAMA Vinyl Profile Certification Education Task Group, chaired by Brad Esckilsen of Formosa Plastics, details the importance of vinyl profile certification, and also provides an overview of the profile certification process. The course covers quality control measures in the certification process, including the testing of vinyl compound prior to extrusion into profiles and the weathering and testing of vinyl profiles that is completed to ensure uniform quality.

“Profile certification is an important step in quality assurance, and, therefore, it is important for architects and others in the building products industry to understand the importance and the process of certifying vinyl profiles,” says Esckilsen. “In today’s marketplace, testing alone is not always enough. Too many questions about test report validity and post testing production exist to allow customers the peace of mind that they’re getting the same quality product designs that met the specified industry standard. That’s why the certification programs exist.”


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