Toronto’s Win-Door Show, running from November 16 to 18 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, has lined up two new features for show attendees – a New Product Showcase and an Ask the Experts Centre. The New Product Showcase is an online and “in-person” introduction to a host of new products at the show.

Attendees can view entries online prior to their visit and make a note to check them out when the show is up and running. And, if they miss the chance to see what’s new until they arrive at the show, they can visit the area on site. New high-strength adhesives, polymers and foam tapes, innovative door lites, patio door sentry systems, computer software, hybrid windows, sealing equipment and a junior CNC machine are just a few of the entries to date.

The new IGMA Technical Resource Centre will answer attendees’ questions regarding glass, insulating glass, certification and what’s new in the industry. According to Win-door officials, it’s the place to “ask the experts” anything and everything relating to IG. Want to know if insulated sealed units (IGs) can be repaired in the field? What about the average life span of an insulating glass unit or, what factors in window design contribute to early IG failure? This feature area will not only have experts such as Bill Lingnell, IGMA’s technical consultant and North America’s leading forensic investigator on hand, but it also will feature more than 100 technical presentations covering design and fabrication, gas filling, thermal stress, high-performance glass, forensic investigative techniques, certification, components, energy performance and new technologies.

One lucky visitor each day will win an IGMA technical binder covering design and fabrication, voluntary test methods, post fabrication and installation, codes and standards and all technical bulletins and reports—a $575 value.

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