The American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA) has published AAMA 2400-10, Standard Practice for Installation of Windows with a Mounting Flange in Open Stud Frame Construction for Low Wind/Water Exposure. The document details the installation of windows in new construction for detached one- and two-family dwellings and townhouses not more than three stories above-grade in height with a separate means of egress.

“This revision of the 2002 version of the document features some very helpful additions, including some additional and revised figures as well as references to the InstallationMasters™ manual. This document, in addition to other AAMA installation documents, is quite popular and has served as a useful installation resource,” says Ken Brenden, AAMA technical services manager.

The document was developed by AAMA’s Residential Window Installation (2400) Task Group, chaired by Kim Flanary, and addresses the recommended methods and/or sequences used to apply or modify the water-resistive barrier or other flashing and sealing materials to the open-framed opening. The techniques demonstrated in the standard practice were developed specifically to create a moisture barrier to incidental liquid water penetration at the external interface between the window and rough opening.

“Any water intrusion; whether through the interface between the window and rough opening, the window joinery or the sealant joints around the perimeter of the window will not have a means to exit to the building exterior,” explains Flanary. “As a result, this standard is recommended for buildings/installations considered at low risk of water intrusion.”

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