Edgetech I.G. announced last week that it will partner with United Kingdom-based Inagas, a provider of gas-fill machinery. Under the agreement, Edgetech will be the exclusive distributor of Inagas products in North America and Central America, and also will distribute the products in Germany, France, Switzerland and Austria.

“Inagas technologies are worlds ahead of the competition in terms of accuracy, reliability and ease of use,” says Mike Burk, manager, workplace learning and performance, Edgetech I.G. “With Inagas gas-fill equipment, productivity and quality are dramatically improved over the analog filling options currently available in the Americas.”

According to the announcement, Inagas gas-fill solutions use the latest in oxygen sensor technology with auto-calibration functionality upon startup. This patent-pending SmartStart capability ensures optimal accuracy and reliability for improved production flow and quality control.

Edgetech will offer the full range of Inagas products, including gas fillers, accessories and test equipment.


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