Gayle V. Morrison, founder of Sunset Moulding Co., passed away on August 21. He was 89.

Morrison and his wife, Mitzi, started the company in 1948 with the Williams family as their partners. During the early years Morrison was a pioneer in introducing finger-jointed mouldings as an alternative to solid lineal mouldings, according to the Moulding and Millwork Producers Association (MMPA). He then introduced print-grade, vinyl-grade and primed finger-joint products as additional options to the industry. In 1974, the Morrisons became the sole owners of Sunset Moulding Co. In 1980, Morrison continued the growth of the company when he purchased three new divisions

Morrison retired in 1992 as president but continued to be involved with all the major decisions through 2005.

CLICK HERE for Morrison’s full obituary.


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