Vice President Joe Biden announced this morning that 200,000 homes in the United States have been weatherized since the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) was enacted.

“From replacing windows and doors to adding insulation, these are small changes that are making a big difference for American workers, manufacturer and consumers,” said Biden, who made the announcement at a press conference in Manchester, N.H. “We’ve hit the accelerator on the weatherization program, making over 200,000 homes more energy-efficient already, and are now full speed ahead to meet our original target of weatherizing 600,000 homes nationwide. ”

U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu adds, “The weatherization program under the Recovery Act–one of our signature programs–is successfully delivering energy and cost savings for hundreds of thousands of American families while creating thousands of clean energy jobs in local communities.”



  1. In an Associate Press story, writers Philip Elliott and Holly Ramer report:

    “In his visit to Manchester, N.H., Biden said the program already had retrofitted 200,000 homes and would meet its ambitious goals of nearly 600,000 homes by March 2012.

    He called it “one of our signature programs” under the stimulus law, saying that “thousands of construction workers across the country are now on the job making energy-saving home improvements that will save working families hundreds of dollars a year on their utility bills.”

    What Biden failed to mention:

    In Alaska, the program has yet to retrofit one home.

    In Texas, auditors found the private contractor earning the most in stimulus money did shoddy work on 60 percent of the houses it was hired to weatherize.

    In California, a contracting company paid nearly $3 million to caulk low-income residents’ homes didn’t train two dozen of its employees, the state’s inspector general found last week.

    Just months ago, at the one-year anniversary of the stimulus law, the Energy Department’s inspector general complained in a report about “little progress” weatherizing homes and said the government’s best efforts “appeared not to have significantly increased the tempo of actual units weatherized across the nation.”

    Just Biden being Biden?

  2. Some more hollow words from Washington. Joe Biden has no idea what he’s talking about. it’s about time he put some proof up on the screen. Anyway 200,000 homes is a dot on a piece of paper, that bunch keeps raising taxes to pay for all these programs, then they tell us how good they work. If they were working that good we would be the first to know. You can see what the DEMS. have done for Michigan, just look at Detroit, they can’t even control the RAT’S in the city. They need to cut taxes and protect the Country, they no nothing about retrofitting homes. By the way I’m setting here waiting for the phone to ring, because of the lead Law no one can afford to have the work done. The EPA sure blew it on this one. I have lost the last 4 jobs to people that don’t follow the rules, they have nothing to lose.

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