Rep. John Dingell Jr. (D - Mich.) addresses the Sunrise staff in honor of the production of the company's 1,500,00th window.

Sunrise Windows in Temperance, Mich., celebrated the production of its 1,500,000th window this past Monday with a visit from Congressman John Dingell Jr. (D – Mich.). Company president Gary Delman says that though company officials had known several months the big day was coming, Sunrise has been so busy lately that it came even more quickly than expected.

“We knew months ago that we were heading toward the milestone,” he told DWM magazine. “We just got there a little quicker than anticipated. I think our March-April-May were just exceptionally strong months for our company, and we figured we’d hit the milestone in September or October. We ended up hitting it in early August.”

Rep. Dingell spent two hours at the facility on the day of the celebration.

“He made a very nice presentation and a nice speech to the folks on our shop floor,” says Delman. “We celebrated with some cake and he spoke very nicely about the work that our company was doing.”

Sunrise recently was able to hire back 30 workers that had been laid off temporarily last winter, as is customary for that time period, according to the company, and has also hired 30 additional employees in recent months.

“We work very hard and let’s face it, over the last few years our industry has gone through some challenges, and the state of Michigan has as well, and the Congressman being able to come a Michigan-based company that has hired people instead of laying off people was quite an opportunity,” says Delman.

Dingell also was interested in learning about the company ‘s commitment to energy efficiency and creating energy efficiency windows, according to Mike Mooney, vice president of marketing.

“He also spent some time asking us about energy efficiency and he has voted to support Home Star and the American Reinvestment and Recovery Act (AARA) and it was interesting having him asking us about how we can improve energy-efficiency … ” he says.

Delman says the company has seen a boon due to available in recent months for consumers purchasing energy-efficient windows.

“As I look back over the fourth quarter of 2009 I think a tremendous amount of consumers were motivated to purchase new energy-efficient windows at the end of 2009 [to get the 2010 tax credit],” he says. “Our fourth quarter of 2009 was amazingly strong and we saw that carry over into the first quarter.”

But that’s not the only factor, Delman says.

“I attribute our growth to several factors. Number one, as I look at our expanding network of dealers who sell and install our products for consumers. We have many leading dealers in cities throughout the country who are continuing to take share in the market,” he says. “[And] we continue to be innovative in the type of products we’re offering … ”

And the company predicts its growth will continue.

“We’re in a wonderful summer season and we’re getting our company properly prepared for what we think will be a very busy fall,” says Delman.


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