In response to industry concerns that not enough contractors were trained to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Lead: Renovation, Repair and Painting rule, the EPA has announced that it will delay enforcement of the rules, giving contractors more time to receive the lead certification training.

According to an EPA memo, the agency will not take enforcement action for violations of the RRP Rule’s firm certification requirement until October 1, 2010 . Additionally, EPA will not enforce the rule against individual renovation workers if the person has applied to enroll in, or has enrolled in a certified renovator class to train contractors in practices necessary for compliance with the final rules, before or on September 30, 2010 . Renovators must complete the training by December 31, 2010.

The National Association of Home Builders applauded this decision.

“EPA listened to our concerns and did the right thing,” says NAHB chairman Bob Jones, a builder and developer in Bloomfield Hills, Mich. “This rule potentially affects about 79 million homeowners. We need significantly more contractors certified than the 300,000 who have taken the training course, and we also need to make sure that affected homeowners understand the importance of hiring a certified contractor.”

The Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) also was pleased with the decision but still has serious concerns about the rules and its effects on the industry.

“While we appreciate EPA responding to the concerns raised by WDMA and others, we continue to have serious concerns with many aspects of the rule, including the removal of the opt-out provision and unreliable test kits, and the new rulemakings on clearance testing and expansion to commercial buildings,” says WDMA president Michael O’Brien. “While everyone supports the goal of the rule, its complex and burdensome requirements have the potential to seriously impact the industry’s fragile recovery and WDMA will continue to seek ways to mitigate those impacts.”



  1. I think some companies will use this to not comply with the lead safe installation practice until October. Companies still need to follow the lead safe installation practice even if they are not certified. It does add to the cost of install so the non-certified companies do have an advantage now. What a mess!!!

  2. Bryan I could’nt agree more.

    We had our local home shows in February & March. Everyone (Our Competitors) knew about the law! Everyone knew they would need training!

    We drove 3 1/2 hours away to our states borders to get trained. At that time it was the closest trainer.

    When the law took effect, we were the ONLY company in our city of 35,000+ to be certified!

    Two weeks afterwards we were still the only company in our city to be certfied.

    Two months after we are one of 8 certfied! In reality there should be like 300-500 people certified!

    If I had a time machine, I would never have gotten certified. I would have waited , done nothing and rode the freedom of not complying until we are trained. Which would have been December of this year.

    I have read the press realease dozens of times. I still am not 100% sure that homeowners can’t still opt out if they have no children of pregnant woman. Below is from actual document:

    In view of the paramount importance of ensuring that all contractors follow the lead-safe work practices in the RRP rule, EPA will enforce the work practice requirment in the rule which protect children and reduce lead exposure. Information concerning lead-safe work practices can be found at: http//

    I understand the need for lead safety for children. I think EVERY house or daycare facility should follow all the regualtions to the letter. Innocent children need protected.

    Our job foreman has installed windows and doors for 31 years. 5-6 days a week. He has consumed an infinite amount of lead. He is and has not been sick from lead. Adults flush this out quickly. I still do not know why the “opt out” was done away with.

    Wouldnt it be better for future generations to remove a lead product and do away with it?

  3. I also agree we shouldn’t unecessarily expose pregant women and children to lead but I strongly disagree with big brother taking this to such extremes. I think the EPA should simply spend their money on educating the public and leave the decision to those who are paying the bills. Most importantly- the removal of an opt out option for home owners is violating my right as a homeowner.
    Imagine what this will do to the value of houses in need of extensive remodeling especially in neighborhoods of high forclosure rates!!
    What is the best way to help those who are working to reverse this and bring some common sense to the whole mess?

  4. Wow, the EPA is spinning the industry around and around. Has the EPA (or others) established that elevated lead in kids is directly attributable to lead paint on house surfaces and not from other sources like contaminated water pipes, cheap costume jewelry, or imported toys? I have never seen any analysis of how many kids get lead poisoned and in what geographic areas that justifies this extreme and far reaching response on the part of the home improvement industry.

  5. So now what ? the contractors that are certified get screwed…and the non-certs get away with all the jobs !! #@%*&^@* thanks EPA..

  6. Meanwhile the EPA continues to let Haliberton drill for natural gas, unmonitored and people can light there tap water with a Bic lighter because gas has leached into the water supply. The EPA has done nothing about that, per a 2 hour documentary I saw last week.

  7. When does common sense take over?

    I guess never.

    I predict that at least 1/3 of the businesses effected by this rule will not be here in 2012.

    If that happens than at least 1/4 of the manufacturer’s will go out of business.

    Guess what that means. Millions of homeowners will have no warranties on their products.

    I am praying that I hit the lottery. (guess I have to start playing)

  8. ‘Disturbing’ a painted airfoil can be the outcome of a variety of activities. All function to access pipes and wires in a wall should be incorporated if it’s done on a construction with lead-based paint. Additionally, remodeling and refurbishing old house may also require containment of the area.

  9. Maybe the EPA could get a job grinding lead and shut up .see what its like to be in the heat under containment plastic and take that out there pocket so they can’t afford rent ….oh yes…. and if you get .5 microns in the air we come and charge them $32,500.00a day! you guys are so smart it makes me sick .Did you know Air is hazardous to your health it causes your lungs to where out stupid smart people. The EPA just took a big Stab at the only hope for a meal we had away . cause no one can even afford the work we are doing.

  10. these smart people want us to work and give them money to play .
    just like the marketing agents trying to market marketing to get my money after i work and they play puter button at home.

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