Railing Dynamics Inc. (RDI) co-founder and president Andrew Terrels passed away suddenly as the result of a heart attack while traveling overseas on April 24. He was 53.

“The RDI family has suffered a great loss. Andy was a well admired, talented leader who was a mentor and inspiration to everyone who had the pleasure of knowing him, and we are deeply saddened by his passing,” says Carol Lyn Groce, marketing communications manager. “Andy was a dedicated individual who wholeheartedly enjoyed life and had a natural ability to communicate with all types of people, regardless of their position[s] within the company. Andy has been a great influence on the people of RDI; his unique vision helped make RDI the company it is today. We are all fortunate for having known him.”

Terrels co-founded RDI in 1989 with his brother, Christopher, who now will serve as president of the company.

“Chris is a dynamic individual who has great expertise in business development and strategic initiatives,” says Chris Schneider, director of product development. “A fantastic leader and dedicated individual, we are sure that Chris will be extremely successful in his role as president.”

Jon Gronow, director of finance, has been appointed executive vice president of RDI.

“As director of finance of RDI for more than eight years, he has proven to be a diligent, committed, knowledgeable individual who is dedicated to RDI and its customers,” says Chris Terrels. “Jon worked side-by-side with Andy for many years, and shared Andy’s ambition and vision. Jon’s work over the years in managing RDI’s financial operations on a day-to-day basis as well as his customer-driven vision made him the natural choice for executive vice president,” said Chris Terrels.


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