It’s not too often that you hear of companies expanding into other product areas, but last week brought two such announcements.

Marvin Windows and Doors announced that it launched a new line of exterior siding, and Pennsylvania-based Gorell Windows & Doors announced that it is offering Radiaflect™, a line of energy-saving reflective insulation products.

Is this a sign of more such expansions to come? I thought it may be and I asked DWM columnist Michael Collins of Jordan Knauff and Co., for his view.

“I think it’s likely that we’ll see more companies expanding into other product areas,” says Collins. “Most companies have excess plant capacity and new or slightly used equipment is plentiful and cheap. This means that the barrier to entry into other product areas is low right now. Companies that are able to successfully launch another product area can enjoy the synergies available to companies able to sell additional products through their existing channels. The companies that are most likely to succeed at this strategy are those that have made a solid brand name for themselves in the marketplace.”

That seems to be the case for Marvin and Gorell so it will be interesting to see if other companies make similar announcements.

Installation Follow-Up

On another note I want to thanks those who got back to me regarding my last blog about installation videos. While ProVia Door told me they don’t offer videos, they do offer an installer training program. The company’s Installer Certification Program (ICP) was designed with its dealers in mind to assist their installation crew with a hands-on learning experience on how to install ProVia products.

“We emphasize to our dealers that once they have had their installation team complete our ICP program, they are identified on our website and with our customer service team,” says ProVia. “This allows the homeowner quick access to a dealer that has gone through the ICP program. This gives the homeowner peace of mind knowing that his or her products are being installed “The Professional Way!”

Please continue to send me your input regarding these and other issues. I look forward to hearing from you.

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