The issue of sill heights once again was debated last week during the International Code Council’s final action hearings. RB 122, Part 1, would have raised sill heights from 24 to 36 inches.

“I understand the concern about child safety as I have three kids myself,” said Julie Ruth, representing the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. “But I’m concerned that when trying to help one part of population we will hurt another [such as the elderly].”

“Raising sill heights from 24 to 36 inches will have a very significant impact,” added Jeff Inks, representing the Window and Door Manufacturers Association. “That’s a huge leap … As a result we will have a great number of emergency and escape and rescue windows installed with guards or window opening control devices that haven’t been adequately justified and could impede egress in an emergency.”

The proposal ultimately was disapproved.

While RB 122, Part I, deals mainly with single-family structures that are covered by the International Residential Code, RB122, Part 2 would raise sill heights from 24 to 36 inches in the International Building Code. That proposal was approved.


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