You know how sometimes you are so close to a situation, for example, you live and breathe the windows business, that you forget to put yourself in the consumer’s position? Well it occurred to me that some companies may do this when it comes to installation as well. The instructions are written and you think they are pretty clear but you never can tell how the millions of consumers out there will view them.

An example of this is an article I read this week detailing the view of one consumer who was installing his new windows. Turns it out it wasn’t as easy as he thought. CLICK HERE to read the article.

The consumer lamented that the “titles of the instruction were about as clear as mud.” His next step was to Google™ installation videos as he would rather watch and learn than flip through pages of instructions.

So that made me think, “How many companies offer installation videos? Just a few days after I asked that question I received a press release from Thermal Industries detailing their new Guardian Angel program. One of the components of the program includes installation videos aimed at contractors. Yes, I’m sure even contractors have questions about how to install windows properly. We know even they need help from the countless presentations I’ve seen at industry trade shows highlighting faulty installations.

So e-mail me at to tell me what you do to make the process easier for the homeowner who may opt to do it himself or the contractor. I’d love to check out your videos. And do you see the problems of faulty installations getting better or worse in recent years? As always, thanks for your input. I look forward to hearing from you.

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