The North Carolina Rate Bureau has filed a proposal with the North Carolina Department of Insurance to provide homeowners insurance credits for implementing certain property protection measures, including several based on the Institute for Business & Home Safety’s (IBHS) FORTIFIED building programs.

The proposal would provide homeowners in 18 coastal counties with credits on their annual wind and hail premiums. The credits are based on building techniques in IBHS’ FORTIFIED for Safer Living® and FORTIFIED for Existing Homes™ programs. According to the Institute, both IBHS programs are designed to improve a home’s ability to resist damage from natural disasters, such as hurricanes and other high-wind events.

“We commend the Rate Bureau for formally recognizing the financial value of superior construction – and for taking the initiative to encourage and incentivize North Carolinians to make their homes safer and stronger, so that families and property in vulnerable areas can be better protected,” says Julie Rochman, IBHS president and chief executive officer. FORTIFIED for Existing HomesTM is a retrofit program that offers three levels of designation, providing a series of incremental steps, each building on the one before it, that result in increased levels of resistance to higher-intensity events.

FORTIFIED for Safer Living is a new home construction program designed to offer a package of code-plus upgrades to increase a new home’s resistance to natural perils.


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