Jordan, Knauff & Company has announced the launch of the Window & Door Industry Benchmark Survey for year-end 2009.

“Given the possibility that the industry is at a meaningful inflection point, it is critical for door and window manufacturers to know how their performance compares with that of competitors,” says Michael Collins, vice president of the building products group. This Benchmark Survey contains a full financial analysis (income statement and balance sheet), along with, among other areas, lead time information, worker productivity statistics and a discussion of areas on which companies will focus in the year ahead.

The Benchmark Survey for 2009 has been streamlined and edited to focus on data that can be used in making decisions about the best path to take in the current market environment.

Surveys can be submitted via mail, e-mail (PDF) or fax and all survey responses will be maintained in the strictest confidence, says Collins. There is no cost and the full results of the survey are available only to manufacturers that participate. Confidentiality Agreements are available to respondents upon request. The deadline for submitting surveys is May 7, 2010. Companies that do not wish to recast their financials for the survey may send complete financial statements instead. Copies of the survey questionnaire may be requested by contacting Collins at


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