“After months of ‘what ifs’ we now know that the opt-out is definitely going away in regards to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting (RRP) Rule (CLICK HERE for that story). We also know that the April 22 implementation date stayed firm after some hopes and lobbying from contractors and industry associations that the date may be delayed so more contractors could be trained.

Though many in the industry are unhappy, maybe it’s now time to move forward and focus on what we can be done.

So I urge window manufacturers to make a huge push with your dealer base to make sure contractors are getting trained, that they know the opt-out is being eliminated and that they follow the regulations, unless they want to incur $37,500 fines.

To dealers, I say the same: make sure you are trained, and make sure you look to your window manufacturers for guidance if needed. And as I said in my last blog, make sure you educate the homeowner as to why they are being charged more for window installations. Tell them to get the work done correctly instead of turning to a contractor who has not been certified and is trying to fly under the radar.

Saving Energy through Window Replacements

On another note, there is a lost of misinformation on the Internet but I just had to point out a story (CLICK HERE to view it) I saw yesterday regarding window replacements and how much energy it will save (or not save in the author’s view).

As window companies I have a feeling you may strongly disagree with the author. So if you want to set the record straight for homeowners you may want to go to the site and comment on the article. Or at least e-mail me at ttaffera@glass.com and let me know your thoughts.

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