Bob Turner

The JELD-WEN Board of Directors has unanimously elected Robert Turner to the position of chairperson of the Board. Turner started his career with JELD-WEN in 1971 and was later named executive vice president and chief operating officer. He was elected to the JELD-WEN Board of Directors in 1994 and became vice chair in 2007. As chairperson, Turner succeeds Richard L. Wendt who remains on the JELD-WEN Board of Directors and active within the company’s leadership.

“We all have tremendous respect for Bob,” says JELD-WEN president and chief executive officer Rod Wendt. “He’s been with JELD-WEN for 39 years and has proven to be a bold, forward-thinking leader. It’s an honor to serve with him on the Board and I’m proud to have him as our chairman.”

Adds Turner, “I am excited to be working closely with the outstanding leadership team at JELD-WEN as we navigate through a most challenging time in our industry and the U.S. housing market.”


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  1. Mr. Turner,

    I live in Klamath Falls. I’m very concerned for the future of our great community. Times are economically tough for your company and for all of us in Klamath county. I vision the company of Jeld-Wen as our savior. Without Jeld-Wen this town would surely collapse.

    I would hope for both of us, that Jeld-Wen with its resources, would develop a new product that would require the construction of new production lines and the hiring of locals to produce that product. We have the vacant buildings that could be utilized, and with the many companies that have gone bankrupt, there should an inventory of equipment that could be utilized.

    You have the engineers. If you could just get them to design something useful for today’s market, we could all be back on top again.

    Thank you for this time.

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