The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today announced it is on track for the April 22 implementation of the Lead Renovation, Repair and Painting Rule. The agency also says it expects more than 125,000 renovation and remodeling contractors to be trained in lead-safe work practices by that day. Many industry groups had urged the EPA to delay the rule, citing concerns about how it might impact economic stimulus efforts, such as the HomeStar program (CLICK HERE for related story).

“There has been tremendous progress by people working in the construction and remodeling trades to become trained in lead-safe work practices,” says Steve Owens, assistant administrator for EPA’s Office of Prevention, Pesticides and Toxic Substances. “EPA has been working hard to get the word out far and wide to contractors working in older homes, schools and daycare centers that this training is available to help stop lead poisoning in children. All a contractor needs to do to be certified is take a simple one-day course.”

EPA says the new rule, which requires contractors to become trained and certified as lead-safe by EPA, was finalized to ensure contractors were following proper lead procedures. Individuals can take an eight-hour training course offered by private training providers to become a certified renovator. The certification is valid for five years, according to EPA.

To date, EPA says it has certified 190 training providers who have conducted more than 4,900 courses, for a total of an estimated 100,000 trained contractors.

“Based on current estimates, EPA expects more than 125,000 contractors to be certified by the April 22 deadline,” says the EPA in today’s statement. “EPA has a number of efforts underway to expedite the training and certification process.”

CLICK HERE to locate local EPA-accredited RRP training providers using EPA’s search tool.

CLICK HERE for more information on firm certification.

CLICK HERE for more information on EPA’s lead program.


  1. Please provide more informations about the firm certification or where can we register for classes instead of giving just the deadline.I feel so angry for many thousands and thousand of contractors or handymans out there who have never put their hand on the computer will never knew about this new regulation ever exist. I wish the board of contruction should send a notify letter to all the registered licenses along with provided class informations before giving a deadline. EPA should has a better prepared with many information about where to register for classes and information about the firm certification. The giving information above were not useful in term of firm certifications.

  2. Just a comment. “instead of giving just the deadline”. The EPA has been dealing with the lead issue and regulations for at least 30 years. OSHA Regulation 1926 and 1910 cover lead safety also for at least 30 years. “Lead Safety” and “Lead Hazards” should be old news to contractors that do it right! Start educating and training yourself and other workers! Computer helps for sure. If you cannot afford a computer–well, how about, a neighbors, library, local building inspectors, or the insurance loss prevention division of the insurance company you have your workers’ comp thru. The information is there.

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