A group of Long Island contractors will march on Washington, D.C., on April 15 to ask legislators “for an immediate postponement and modification” of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) new regulations regarding lead. The group supports delaying the April 22 implementation date and keeping in the opt-out clause.

The group is organized by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry’s (NARI) New York City and Long Island chapters; however, event organizers say all contractors are invited to join this group to inform Congress of how these regulations “can put you out of business.”

Doug Dervin, president of Double D Contractors Inc. in Hicksville, N.Y., is involved in the planning of this effort and says all efforts by industry, including the industry’s associations, such as NARI and the Window and Door Manufacturers Association, has “fallen on deaf ears” making this march vital to getting the voices of the industry heard.

Dervin, like others DWM has spoken to in recent months, says there are still many people in the industry who are unaware of these upcoming regulations.

“I’ve been to three trade shows in the last two weeks and every contractor I talk to who is not a member of NARI knows nothing about this,” he says. “Every homeowner knows nothing. I feel very adamantly that the EPA needs to postpone this so we can educate both contractors and the homeowners.”

Dervin also is adamant that the EPA does not remove the opt-out clause.

“This is targeting the same demographic homes as ENERGY STAR®,” says Dervin. “Older people who live in those homes who want to save on energy bills cannot afford to do this. If no children are living in the home why shouldn’t they be able to opt out?”

In the end Dervin says that if members of Congress and the Senate start talking to the EPA, then it will listen.

“We’d like to have a contractor council get together and show them the costs, etc. It’s way more than the $35 per job that they estimate,” he says.

CLICK HERE for more information and who to contact if you’re interested in participating in the march.


  1. I fully support your effort to pospone implimention of the ruling. Not enough contractors are in the know. The opt-out is essential. There is no justification for those outside the most affected group to pay substantial extra cost with minimun benefit. These are private homes not public facilities. The $35 extra cost won’t cover the cost of the 6 min plastic.

  2. I am a wallcovering installer.
    this is a tax on the working trades, thats all.
    In the 70s I sanded that lead paint then put on more lead paint, my health is fine, as is
    the health of my painter friends from the the 70s What a scam.

  3. The cost of following these procedures by far exceeds the benefits, and in my case actually more than doubles my hazard risk in completing the job. The EPA is getting more benefit from this program than the consumer. The consumer will not be happy with the increased cost of this program. And given the fact that it took over 10 years for the EPA to come up with this scheme displays that it was not a high priority, but just something that was on the books. I think if someone wants to be protected from lead then they should be able to request it, otherwise have an opt out clause and be done with it.

  4. Great idea! How about a petition to bring to DC for those who can’t make the rally?

    I get blood levels tested for lead yearly with physical exams, 30+ years in the painting industry no problems with lead at all. Just another expense.

    Frank D

  5. People will try DIY when they shouldn’t, then the lead will really be flying. The manufacturing of plastic sheeting will go nuts, probably prices as well, not to mention the impact on the environment on the with tons of it ending up in land fills. Masking, painter and duct tape, as well as disposable wipes will be the same story. People won’t want to buy older homes. Landlords won’t be eager to repair their properites. Contractors, most of who have been really suffering in this economy have to buy hepa vacs, boxes for “contaminated” tools, etc. Homeowers could become totally freaked and make life absolutely miserable for the people working on their homes, and even pull scams in order to profit. Someone coming into your home to replace a door or window shouldn’t be responsible for cleaning it, especially for those who keep flithy homes.

    More than anything, those struggling to survive in this economy will be tempted to do projects in secret. Contractors might start turning eachother in, warrented or not. It’s way too extreme. Not in this economy.

  6. I do not see any problem other than contractors that do not do it right! The EPA lead awareness has been around for at least 30 years. OSHA regulations 1910 and 1926 cover lead safety as well. Get with the program. The comments on this page are just ignorant! People do get sick- especially children and pregnant women-its a fact! It takes an extremely small amount of lead dust to make children sick! In fact, I am sure from the comments on this page, you wear your dirty clothes home from work as well! Get yourself educated and get the facts. You and your buddies are fine, what about everyone around you? Plastic, 6 mil? No, just keep using your fabric drop clothe and carry the lead dust from job to job. Hepa vac! Hepa is for fine dust. If you are “Lead Safe Renovator”, you would not be making stupid statements. The 4 previous comment writers on this page are oblivious to the facts on lead safety.

  7. The paint companies should be paying for any certification required. They made the product. They continue to thrive and now in these hard times the small tradesmen get hit with another fee for a certification. I am all for safety and lead eradication. Please don’t make me pay to clean up someone else’s mess. I am willing to take the time to get the cert, I am just not willing to shell out the money as well.

  8. This is a very interesting article! Does anyone what happened as a result?

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