U.S. Senator David Vitter (R-LA) was presented with the National Lumber and Building Material Dealers’ “2009 Legislator of the Year” award during the association’s Spring Meeting and Legislative Conference in Washington D.C. on March 16. The award is given to one legislator who has made significant efforts to advance the lumber and building material industry over the course of the previous year.

“I’m deeply honored to receive this award,” said Senator Vitter. “I will continue to make sure we are giving small businesses the tools and support they need to succeed during these challenging economic times.”

As a member of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, Senator Vitter was the first U.S. Senator to raise serious concerns about EPA’s new lead abatement rule, which will have a dramatic impact on the entire lumber dealer industry. He continues to raise questions about EPA’s implementation of the rule directly with the EPA Administrator. Additionally, Senator Vitter continues to protect small business by opposing the recent health care legislation (H.R. 3590), opposing the “job-killing” legislation Employee Free Choice Act, and supporting the recently-passed homebuyer tax credit.

“NLBMDA is grateful for having such a stalwart ally of the lumber and building material industry in Washington, ” said NLBMDA president and chief executive officer Michael O’Brien. “As an industry composed primarily of small family-owned businesses, having someone like Senator Vitter in Washington who is knowledgeable about the impact of federal legislation on small business is extremely important to our industry, which has been suffering from the housing downturn and prolonged recession.”


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  1. How much did the senator cost?
    Being a Katrina survivor, I see my community steadily recovering from the hurricanes, but continue witness the health effects and suffering of my neighbors caused by the Governments profit over people policies and FEMA’s lack of accountability. The more I see of TOXIX FEMA Trailer litigation, I more I believe that there may be a “fox is in the hen house”. On the day of the verdict of the first trial, Senator David Vitter , R (LA) announced his commitment to Formaldehyde Council’s stand to block regulations for formaldehyde in building product. The lobby effort has been successful in blocking safe indoor air quality laws since the late 70s when EPA disclosed the dangers of formaldehyde in residential housing. The Senator has endorsed the Formaldehyde Council, building product industry and FEMA’s “keep the victims ignorant” policy. The out come of these cases will have a direct effect to members of the formaldehyde Council and Vitter’s cronies. With Vitter’s hand in the pocket of the Formaldehyde Council; why is David Vitter’s former campaign finance manager and very, very best friend the Judge Kurt Engelhardt orchestrating this litigation?

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