In his opening address to members of the Window and Door Manufacturers Association’s Legislative Conference, held last week in Washington, D.C., Steve Tourek, outgoing WDMA chairperson talked about “the insatiable appetite of Congress to reform all things.” Perhaps it was this appetite that compelled the WDMA to change its annual meeting format and to focus on a legislative conference geared at lobbying legislators.

“Over time our meetings had a predictable and comfortable rhythm,” says Tourek. “We’ve come to Washington this year to educate those whose decisions will affect our businesses and our lives. Being here now is both strategic and vitally important.”

While door and window manufacturers have struggled in recent years, Tourek noted that the WDMA has as well, as the association posted a 25 percent decline in revenue due to smaller revenues for members and non-renewals as a result of the state of the industry.

But an increased number of National Fenestration Rating Council and Hallmark Certified facilities has been “a financial bright spot in an otherwise challenging year,” says Tourek.

Other good news for the association is that it unloaded its debt in 2009 (this was also the year that Smith Bucklin took over as the WDMA’s management agency) and “for the first time in a long while we won’t lose money on an event,” says Tourek.

He added that the WDMA has emerged stronger than ever.

“Our input is now sought by others,” he says. “All in all we’ve done well.”

Steve Sisson, chairman of Karona Inc., will replace Tourek as the new WDMA chair.

Mike O’Brien, WDMA executive vice president, reported on a few other items of interest for association members, including a new online state legislative issues tracker that debuted recently. The association is also looking at a new event for the fall. Additionally, the association plans to launch a WDMA Political Action Committee in 2011.

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