Edgetech I.G. technical director Tracy Rogers will address condensation resistance in the fenestration industry during the upcoming Best2 Conference, scheduled for April 12-14 in Portland, Ore.

Rogers will present a technical paper, titled “Considerations for the Condensation Resistance of Fenestration Assemblies,” which provides an in-depth look at U-factor and condensation resistance basics, system ratings for thermal performance and the relative effects of U-factor and condensation resistance using third-party data.

“Performance factors that may have a minimal impact on U-factor and/or SHGC may be critical in the prevention of condensation formation that may, if not controlled, lead to health concerns and building component or system damage,” says Rogers. “At the Best2 Conference, I will compare the difference between the performance of fenestration products relative to U-factor and condensation resistance and outline principal design features to improve the latter.”

The Best2 Conference is a three-day event hosted by the Building Enclosure Council (BEC) in Portland. This year’s event will comprise three tracts: Energy Efficiency, Whole Building and Fenestration.

Rogers will present his findings on Wednesday afternoon as part of the fenestration tract.

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