Crystal Window & Door Systems announced that it has submitted a formal proposal to the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) to participate in its “Highly Insulating R-5 Window and Low-E Storm Window Volume Purchase Program.”

The DOE R-5 Program seeks to amass increased demand for leading edge, high-performance windows through the creation of an on-line virtual marketplace between qualified suppliers and qualified volume buyers, according to a press release from Crystal.

“We’ve invested heavily in new production equipment, product testing and improving the energy efficiency of our windows,” says Steve Chen, Crystal’s executive vice president. “We have high hopes for the DOE R-5 Program and the growth of the affordable high efficiency window market.”

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CLICK HERE for more information on the R-5 Program.


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  1. Thermo-Tech Windows of Sauk Rapids MN, we have also submitted our formal proposal to the DOE to participate in the R-5 program with high hopes also that this program will help sale more of the higher efficient windows. With this program our hope is not only will this entice current home owners to purchase the R-5 windows but also the new construction housing industry to take notice and incorporate more efficient windows in their projects as housing does make a come back. We have been producing a R-5 for over 2 years now and have had a medicore response due alot to the cost of this product so this program should end up being a big plus.

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