For the past several months, the word has finally started to spread concerning the EPA’s new lead paint regulations which will have a huge impact on window contractors. The regulations go into effect on April 22 (CLICK HERE for DWM‘s initial article on the subject).

I’m happy to report that since publications like ours have reported on the event, and since manufacturers and suppliers have passed information on to dealers, more people are aware of what’s coming and our taking the necessary steps to become certified. So I encourage the entire industry–suppliers, manufacturers and others to continue to pass this information to those who replace windows.

Since we started reporting on this issue, I have received calls from contractors who thank us for our stories and often who request further information. Here’s a prime example of why all members of the industry need to keep dispersing the information.

Last week I received a call from Jim Matheson of Matheson Brothers Siding in Illinois, a “two-man” company who performs a good number of window replacements.

“This will have a huge impact on us,” Matheson told me. “I just heard about this as one of our suppliers saw our article and passed it on.”

So I urge all of you to continue to let your dealers know about these upcoming regulations. And maybe it’s not always an e-mail. Maybe it’s a phone call to the two-man company like Matheson Brothers who these regulations will affect profoundly. Or maybe it’s old-fashioned snail mail. In fact, Matheson admitted to me he’s not too computer-literate and has a hard time finding information on the subject. So wouldn’t it be great if he received a one-page flyer from his window manufacturer informing him of the upcoming changes and where he could go to gain more information?

Dealers will welcome your help and if that’s not enough incentive for you maybe this is. It’s a good bet that company will remember you for it when another supplier comes a calling.

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