When I saw the Colts jump out to a quick 10-0 lead last night, I thought maybe this was going to be one of those Super Bowls that I end up watching just to see the Super Bowl commercials. However, much to my pleasant surprise, it wasn’t. Not only was it a great Super Bowl, but it also featured some great Super Bowl advertisements, some of which really got me thinking about the future.

There were the usual creative beer commercials, like the “Budweiser Bridge” where the bridge to the town collapses so the whole town races over to form a makeshift “human bridge” as the Budweiser truck drives right over their backs and successfully makes its way to town – genius! Was it a success in my house? Well, right after that commercial I got up and retrieved a nice cold Bud Light from the fridge. I probably would have done that anyway before the night was over, but the commercial certainly prompted me to do so earlier.

Then there was the one with the guys in the car transporting what we suppose was a stolen killer whale in the back of their truck and releasing him into the ocean. They accelerate rapidly toward the end of the peer and then slam on the brakes. Their Bridgestone tires stop them just in the knick of time jettisoning the orca into the ocean. Awesome! But will it cause me to change my view of Bridgestone tires? Well, I am a former rubber chemist and knowing what I know, I only buy Michelin, so this commercial failed to do the trick for me.

But it was the combination of several other commercials that really got me thinking. There was one with a gray haired Brett Favre ten years into the future again accepting the 2020 MVP award and again waffling on his possible retirement. The ad proclaimed, “We don’t know what the future will be like 10 years from now, but we can assure you that your Hyundai Sonata will still be covered.” Hilarious commercial! But will I buy the Hyundai Sonata because of its 10 year 100,000 mile warranty? Since it only takes me only about three years to log 100,000 miles, my answer is like Brett’s, “Maybe, but then again, maybe not!” Still, this commercial did start me wondering about the future.

The ad that really got me pondering, however, was Audi’s Green Police commercial for the Audi A3 TDI Clean Diesel. It takes a look into the future when a “Green Police Squad” exists and they are arresting people for things like using plastic grocery bags, having incandescent light bulbs in their house, and using Styrofoam coffee cups in the car. They set up an “Eco Road Block” and are arresting people for driving cars that pollute, but they spot the Audi A3 TDI Clean Diesel and immediately let him through.

I was laughing hysterically while watching this ad, but then I abruptly stopped to think, “Could this really happen someday?” Could people be arrested for having single-pane windows in their house? Well, “the way things are going,” I thought, “maybe they will be arrested for having only dual-pane windows in their house?!” Once again, the Brett Favre came out in me, and I thought, “No, but maybe yes!” The Green Police would violate my rights. But, then again, they sure would be great for business!”

So, given the direction that it seems our lawmakers are going as evident by the advent of the R5 Volume Purchase Program, when will the Green Police arrive and exactly what will they be looking for? Well, prior to the announcement last October of the news that the EPA will be taking over the business of ENERGY STAR, all of the talk was associated with 2013, but we now don’t know when it will be or exactly what the requirements will look like.

However, one thing seems fairly certain. The thermal performance standards are likely to be much tougher. So, start preparing now for the Green Police!

For a look at Audi’s Super Bowl Commercial, CLICK HERE.

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