FeneTech, the U.S.-based software manufacturer of FeneVision® ERP software, has announced the start of a European operation, FeneTech Europe SARL, based in Strassen, Luxemburg. From this office the company will handle all sales, implementation, support and training services for its European customer base. Local engineering staff has been hired and additional positions will be added on an ongoing basis.

“FeneVision has rapidly gained acceptance in Europe as being a modern, innovative, flexible and complete ERP software solution for the glass processing industry,” says Ron Crowl, president of FeneTech Inc., who also serves as a manager for FeneTech Europe.

“FeneVision is truly exceptional software, but to do even more business in Europe, to offer the best customer service, the implementation teams must speak the local languages, understand the different manufacturing methods in order to provide excellent support to our customers. This is the reason the company was formed,” says Horst Mertes who is the managing partner of FeneTech Europe SARL.

“We strongly believe that the combination of Mr. Mertes’ leadership, the power of the FeneVision software and the strength of the engineering team we are putting in place will lead FeneTech Europe to become the most dominant software provider for the glass processing industry worldwide –in a very short time period,” says Crowl.


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