For the latest data regarding the door and window industry, get a free download, including slides and audio, of the recently recorded Fall/Winter 2009 Window & Door Industry Update webinar provided by Jordan, Knauff and Co.

The topics covered in the presentation included an overview of the door and window industry, including an analysis of transactions and expansions and the slowing rate of plant closings and bankruptcies. Also included was a discussion of current industry trends, the state of the residential and commercial real estate markets and a review of the capital markets and private equity investing as they pertain to the window and door industry. In addition, the presentation covered current trends regarding competition from Chinese companies, including the most recent import statistics and some of the events taking place in China that will affect the U.S. domestic market.

CLICK HERE to receive a complimentary copy of the webinar available to DWM/Shelter readers.


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  1. How do I download the report as advertised. I am a Fenestration consultant and this information is valuable to me. Please advise. Thank You.

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