When President Obama addressed the nation last night in his State of the Union address, he mentioned a Philadelphia window manufacturer as proof of the stimulus act at work.

“Talk to the window manufacturer in Philadelphia who said he was skeptical of the Recovery Act until he added two shifts due to the business it created,” said Obama.

Although he didn’t mention Northeast Building Products by name, DWM confirmed that it was in fact the Philadelphia-based company with Fran Levin, its executive vice president. Levin says she received a call from the White House yesterday requesting permission for the company to be mentioned.

Following the address last night, she received a call from CNN and Northeast Building Products president Alan Levin appeared on CNN this morning at 11 a.m.

Both Fran and Alan also appeared on the local CBS affiliate today as well.  CLICK HERE for that story.

Levin told CNN that the tax credit was responsible for the company adding one hundred jobs in the past year. Levin says last year they had 185 employees and currently they have 285. He clarified that the real reason for the increase in business is the window tax credits.

This is not the first time the company received national attention. In December, the company was featured on the ABC Evening News with Charles Gibson, (CLICK HERE for that story). The report talked about the increase in business at the company due to the window tax credits and the weatherization program.

DWM added a new poll to its website based on the President’s speech. Go to our website and scroll down to the bottom right to take the poll.

And if you have any comments on the President’s comments and how it will or will not help the door and window industry, post a comment here in this story.



  1. The Recovery efforts have done the glass industry a big advertising favor. The glass industry in our region is an age old industry that is constantly seeking areas where our expertise may fit into a progressive agenda to fortify our nations efforts to become energy efficient while calling upon our ow unique resources. These resources are both human and material and especially for our region, the Appalachians most notably. The answer to air purification as well as answers to environmental concerns such as coal purification…all are a nano tech proporting resources as seen in the glass and stained glass industry. This industry holds promise in areas such as artichecture/design/ purification/elemental/ Nano R/D // as well as retail and many more – all artistic talent and manufacturing components hereby acknowledged. Our national interest and preservation again depends on the visions and implementation of ideas and products as proported and just waiting in the wings to be acknowledged tested and utilized on a grand scale.

  2. More wasted tax money. The way I anderstand it this company got a bump from the government and thru a marriage has direct ties to the White House. The stimulus is Ok but the gov. picking winners and losers is wrong. Kind of like 50 jobs in Arizona for 99 million. Oh wait…. it was really 15 jobs. Be real.

  3. Tim you are mistaking my company Northeast Building Products for Serious Windows who had an employee’s wife in the Obama administration and received press and funding as reported a few weeks ago. We have in no way contact with the Obama administration except for them picking up this piece from the Philadelphia Inquirer News Paper and asking us permission to use it. I actually was not a supporter of the Stimulus plan but we have seen a large jump in business since it was enacted and our retail dealers have been able to use the tax credit that was in it to help boost their sales.

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