If you’re a door or window manufacturer, you now have one more reason to attend Fenestration Day, sponsored by DWM magazine, on March 16 in Schaumburg, Ill. Given the upcoming regulations regarding lead paint removal, which affects window replacements (CLICK HERE for that story), a session on this topic has been added to the seminar track.

The speakers include Tyson Schwartz, vice president of sales and marketing for Gorell Windows and Doors and Jim Lett, president of Abe Windows and Doors. Both have attended the lead paint certification program that is required when these guidelines go into effect on April 22, 2010.

Manufacturers need to learn the facts of this program so when dealers ask questions you can be prepared to answer them. This session will give details of the program as well as tips for disseminating the information.

The session is sponsored by Lawrence Industries, supplier of lead-free composite locks and hardware.

CLICK HERE for more information on Fenestration Day.

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