The National Fenestration Rating Council’s (NFRC) board of directors recently appointed Gary Curtis of ECOS Consulting as the newest voting member on the board. He will fill the public interest category seat vacated by Roland Temple, who announced his retirement last fall.

Curtis will serve in this interim role until the 2010 board of directors election, which will take place this fall. He is a long-time NFRC member and serves as co-chair of the Component Modeling Approach Technical Subcommittee and the Component Modeling Approach Ratings Subcommittee.

Temple’s retirement also left open the chair of the certification policy committee. The board of directors selected Steve Johnson of Andersen Corporation to fill this opening. According to the announcement, Johnson will lead the committee as it continues to provide oversight to the implementation of NFRC’s Product Certification Program including, but not limited to:

• Responding to requests for certification policy interpretation;

• Ruling on appeals related to product certification matters;

• Making recommendations to the board of directors on appeals related to independent certification and inspection agency certification; and

• Making recommendations for amendments to the NFRC Product Certification Program.


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