So I really didn’t want to do a list of the biggest stories for 2009. Here’s why. Do I really need to tell you that our biggest story was the saga that is Republic Windows and Doors? But it’s not alone at that top spot. How could we forget the 3 a.m. decision on the part of Congress to enact the .30/.30 provision in the stimulus bill and all that came with it?

And what about a company called Serious Materials that re-opened two former window companies (Kensington and the afore-mentioned Republic)? That was enough to get its CEO named as Inc. magazine’s Entrepreneur of the Year.

And ENERGY STAR® certainly didn’t fade into the background this year either. The Department of Energy(DOE) released new ENERGY STAR criteria, announced that the program would move to the Environmental Protection Agency and that it might introduce a Super Star program for top-performing products. And I almost forgot to mention a little something called the R5 Volume Windows Purchase Program.

After following this industry for many years I have to say most of these could be in contention for stories of the decade–I can’t believe they all happened in one year.

Many of them will roll into 2010 and will be stories we will report on next year as well, specifically those involving energy efficiency issues. We’ve certainly seen that the president is placing energy efficiency issues as a top priority.

As a journalist these stories have definitely allowed me to put my reporting skills to the test and I have to admit I have enjoyed reporting on these events so our staff can you keep, you, our readers, informed.

So what do you think will be the top story for 2010? E-mail me at

Here’s hoping that in 2010 I’ll be writing about a housing market on the upswing and bringing you stories of manufacturers and distributors who are increasing their business.

Happy New Year and, most of all, I wish you success in the coming year.

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  1. Thank you for keeping the industry connected over the years. Yes, some of the news was discouraging, but likewise we like to hear of the successful companies and how they are staying competive and moving forward. I sincerely hope that you will have “news” on an upswing in the market for 2010!

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