CMI has been awarded more than $1.3 million through Pennsylvania’s Green Energy Works! Program to install a back-pressure steam turbine at its door, trim and panel manufacturing facility in Towanda, Pa. The new system will use existing excess steam to generate up to 1,000 kilowatts of electricity.

“Receiving this grant provides us with a great opportunity to further improve overall cost efficiencies at the plant, which helps maintain competitive pricing for our customers,” said Matt Ameigh, CMI mill manager. “More importantly, converting existing steam into clean electric power is another way for us to demonstrate our strong commitment to environmentally friendly manufacturing.”

Based on the estimated operating schedule at the mill, CMI expects the new system to produce between 3,556,000 and 8,097,000 KWh per year, which will offset a portion of the plant’s current electrical consumption.

CMI was awarded $1,358,869 through a competitive grant that was administered by the state of Pennsylvania through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. As a result of the grant program, 75 percent of the project’s cost will be reimbursed and CMI will invest the remaining 25 percent.

Pennsylvania’s Gov. Edward G. Rendell said CMI’s steam turbine project is one of nine new large-scale combined heat and power projects being supported by the state. Together, it is estimated these projects will create enough energy to power 180,000 homes for one year and slash carbon dioxide emissions equal to 180,000 passenger vehicles, while creating jobs and stabilizing power distribution networks.

“We are focused on serving our customer base and being a good steward to the environment. Installing the steam turbine generator system and reducing our dependence on local electrical utilities allows us to achieve both goals,” adds CMI president and CEO Bob Merrill.


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