Manufacturing companies throughout the United States, including glass and fenestration manufacturers, are facing many challenges and on December 16 the Obama Administration released the report, “A Framework for Revitalizing American Manufacturing.”

The report lays out a number of opportunities, including a focus on renewable energy, which may help boost both American manufacturing, as well as construction work. The report states, “The Administration’s combination of loans, grants, and tax credits for renewable energy manufacturing will help the United States regain its position as the world leader in manufacturing clean energy equipment.”

One detail included as part of this program is the 48C Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit, which Vice President Biden announced at a meeting of the Middle Class Task Force on December 16. According to the report, Section 48C Advanced Energy Manufacturing Tax Credit “supports the building and equipping of new, expanded or retooled factories that manufacture the products needed to power the green economy.

The program covers a wide array of clean energy technologies, including renewable energy, energy efficiency, advanced transportation, and advanced transmission. The Recovery Act included $2.3 billion in tax credits that will support over $7.5 billion in total capital investment … The [Department of Energy] and Treasury received significantly more technically acceptable applications than the program had resources to fund.”

The report explains that rather than turning down those applicants who are willing to invest private resources to build and equip factories that manufacture clean energy products in America, the Administration announced its support for expanding the program by up to $5 billion.


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