If you haven’t heard about the massive blind recall announced today, CLICK HERE for that story. I heard the news this morning while watching The Today Show. When Matt Lauer interviewed Inez Tenenbaum, chair of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, about the recall, he asked her the following. “Has the industry cooperated fully on this? Have they been proactive?”

I wasn’t all that surprised by her response given the enormity of the amount of products being recalled.

“We do not feel the industry has stepped up to the plate as quickly as we wanted them to,” she said. “That’s why we are coming forward and we will be having a stronger standard so in the future these cords will not be attached to the window shades.”

So, not to state the obvious, but lessons can be applied to our industry as well. In this case, if industry doesn’t respond, the CPSC will enforce rules that will force them to do so. We all know the window coverings industry will be seeing new standards come down the pike given this recall.

The timing of this is particularly relevant for me as I’ve been working for the past week on an article involving lead paint and how this will affect window contractors. The CPSC has enacted stringent rules involving lead paint in homes built before 1978. In no uncertain terms the guide states this definitely applies to windows, though I’ve heard from people that many think it doesn’t affect them.

Be sure to look to the January-February issue of DWM/SHELTER for more on this important issue. CLICK HERE for the compliance guide.

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  1. Tara in referance to the blind recall we have no problem at all we have kid safe blinds in our d/h s/l p/w units we make blinds between the glass and have no strings with trueseal spacer system a one of a kind with tilt and slide blinds between the glass with low-e glass and argon fill.
    Curtis Smith
    enjoy your publishcations

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