Underwriters Laboratories (UL) and ICC Evaluation Service Inc.® (ICC-ES®), announced a partnership last week that will provide the building materials industry with a dual evaluation and certification program for building products. Together, the UL Mark and the ICC-ES Mark will demonstrate to tens of thousands of regulators, building officials, architects and insurers that the building products and systems they inspect, design and insure are compliant with appropriate codes and product safety standards, according to a press release from UL.

The dual evaluation and certification program simplifies the testing and evaluation process for manufacturers. They now have an easier way of conducting business. Through one point of contact for both UL and ICC-ES, manufacturers can conduct testing to UL safety standards, show code compliance via an ICC-ES Evaluation Report and get simultaneous postings of compliant products in UL’s Online Certifications Directory and Code Correlation Database along with ICC-ES’s online directory of evaluation reports and e-Codes Premium.


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  1. What does this mean to our current AAMA test and labeling program?

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