Architectural Testing says fenestration manufacturers and architects now have a comprehensive resource for protective glazing systems design analysis and performance testing at its new ISO/IEC 17025-accredited Security Research Center (SRC) at the firm’s York, Pa., headquarters.

“The Security Research Center focuses on the key threats of bomb blast, ballistic impact and assault protection,” says SRC director John Stacey, PE, a 15-year veteran of equipment design and commissioning. “Our professional engineering staff regularly performs engineering evaluations and analysis of attachments of product to a particular building substrate as a means to confirm anchorage, as well as run the qualification and rating tests. It’s essentially one-stop shopping for protective glazing R&D and proof-of-performance.”

The SRC features a “next-generation” shock tube blast test facility, completely enclosed for all-weather testing that enables technicians to “dial in” a specific blast wave profile. Unlike older shock tube technology, this blast profile includes the negative phase of the blast wave – something heretofore possible only with open arena “live fire” testing, according to the company


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