AAMA 904-09, a voluntary specification for multi-bar hinges in window applications, has been released by the American Architectural Manufacturers Association (AAMA). The document is titled Voluntary Specification for Multi-Bar Hinges in Window Applications and addresses procedures, materials and performance criteria for determining the durability of multi-bar hinges used for opening and closing casement, projected and parallel opening windows.This document, originally published in 2001, has been revised and now includes a new section on parallel hinge testing. Other revisions to the document are the inclusion of illustrations of test units, as well as additions made to the scope of the document. Other minor editorial changes were made.

The specification was developed by the AAMA 904 Hinge Task Group, chaired by Doug Johnson of Truth Hardware Corp.

“A multi-bar hinge is a mechanical device which, when mounted in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions is used to support a variety of in-plane sash types, such as parallel opening, meaning four sides of sash opening outward,” Johnson says. “In the revision of AAMA 904, information on testing for parallel hinges in window applications has been added, included a load test and a cycling test.”


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