Edgetech brought its Edgetech University to Atlanta in September and will feature this educational theme at Win-door in November.
Edgetech brought its Edgetech University to Atlanta in September and will feature this educational theme at Win-door in November.

Win-door North America will be held November 17-19 in Toronto and exhibitors have a variety of products to display for attendees.

Edgetech I.G. is bringing its Edgetech University (ETU) booth theme to the show.

Located at booth #1717 in the IG Alley, ETU will feature educational opportunities regarding industry updates including the changes to ENERGY STAR® labeling requirements to take effect September 1, 2010. Edgetech also will feature Super Spacer® products, the SustainaView® Window Technology marketing campaign and the newly updated IG Certification Manual, which now includes Canadian ENERGY STAR information.

The company has also added the Architectural Learning Center to its booth, which features a live curtainwall test chamber that demonstrates Super Spacer® TriSealTM and its ability to withstand wind-speed equivalents of more than 300 mph (482 kph) with minimal compression of less than 0.03 in. (0.76 mm).

If you’re a wood window manufacturer searching for adhesives, visit Franklin International in booth 1809. The company has assembled a special line of adhesives for wood window manufacturers-the Advantage® Trio. This includes three adhesives, the Advantage 415, Advantage 425and Advantage EP.

Advantage 415 is a water-resistant, two-part cross-linking polyvinyl acetate emulsion adhesive that can be used for finger-jointing, edge-gluing and hot-pressing. The second Advantage product in the line is Advantage 425, which also is water-resistant. The two-part cross-linking PVA emulsion adhesive is easy to extrude, provides good finger coverage and also features a low minimum use temperature, according to the company. Finally, the Trio also includes Advantage EP-925, a two-component emulsion polymer isocyanate (EPI) adhesive that can be used with conventional cold press or hot press equipment.

If it’s hardware you’re searching for there will be several hardware suppliers exhibiting at the show including Truth Hardware in booth1323. The company will display several new hardware options, including the MarvelTM power operator system, new Encore® handle/cover options and its new positive action lock (PAL).

The brand-new Marvel power operator system has a sleek design that it says is simple to install, easy to operate and is reliable and affordable, according to the company. It can lift skylight sashes weighing up to 90 pounds and operates from a standard 110-volt household current. An optional RF remote control and roof mount rain sensor also are available.

Manufacturers need software to run their businesses and suppliers of software products geared toward the fenestration industry will be on display as well. WTS Paradigm will feature its CenterPoint software system in booth 1749. The program can generate quick, accurate and professional-looking quotes for customers, according to the company. Quotes include to-scale drawings of each door or window, and the system acts as the central repository for cataloging options and pricing. Dealers also can manage their own sales forces through margin control, permissions and other features included in CenterPoint.

Many exhibitors will feature various components for doors and windows and this includes John Evans’ which will feature its new side load constant force balance system in booth 1931. This is a new option for side load windows that offers a low price, requires little operating force and require less space for storage, according to the company. John Evans’ Sons officials say the new patent-pending system also allows for a quiet and tight-fitting sash, utilizes AAMA-qualified springs and provides for a simple conversion from block and tackle.

And you can’t manufacture windows without a variety of machinery and those suppliers will be on hand as well including Joseph Machine Co. in booth 1843. The company will feature its new line of custom and standard fabrication machines. The company says the machine can work with both aluminum and PVC and provide both a high yield and low scrap for the production floor.

This is only a sampling of the products that will be in display.

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