So I almost don’t where to start with this week’s blog as the recent week has brought a few big news stories, all of which were talked about at the recent GlassBuild America show. So here are some of my random thoughts on a variety of subjects.First, although I make an effort to bring good news stories, when it comes down to it sometimes I’m a pessimist at heart. So I was glad to learn that others in the industry don’t share that trait. Of all the people I spoke to at the show the overwhelming consensus is that as a whole the window industry is optimistic for the future. That doesn’t mean we’re on easy street but many of those with whom I spoke shared the belief that the industry is headed in the right direction and that things are starting to look up.

Evidence of this is that many manufacturers were at the show to purchase products and exhibitors had plenty of products to showcase.

The big news this week is the fact that the ENERGY STAR® program is moving to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). That change brings more questions than it does answers so I’m sure I’ll be writing a great deal about that in the weeks and months to come. ( CLICK HERE for that news story).

But one thing that I think is a great idea is the fact that there will be a Super Star program as part of ENERGY STAR in the future. According to EPA, products in the top 25 percent will qualify as ENERGY STAR and those in the top 5 percent will qualify as Super Star. It will be interesting to see how many companies compete for that Super Star title and how many consumers will want to pay for those products.

I also find that 25 percent statistic interesting. The DOE’s Richard Karney has said in the past that about 50 percent of products qualify for ENERGY STAR and that the program has to be more stringent which is why the agency has been looking at tightening the standards. That 25 percent number proves that the playing field will definitely change and manufacturers need to be ready.

As a side note, kudos to the window companies who will have products displayed in the Solar Decathalon, which will take place on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. -which starts later this week. If you have a press release on your product or will be at the event, please e-mail me at

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