The state of Minnesota has introduced a new program called Product ReEnergize that provides for rebates for energy-efficient products using funds the state received as a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The program provides a rebate of $250 per window per household for the installation of a “replacement ENERGY STAR® window without attic air sealing,” and $300 for those with attic air sealing. The maximum rebate per home for eligible energy-efficient upgrades is $2,500 for those without attic air sealing, and $4,000 for those with attic air sealing.

To qualify for the program, the following criteria also must be met:

  •  The house must be owner-occupied and constructed prior to the year 2000; 
  • The homeowner must work with a Project ReEnergize qualified contractor;
  •  The work must be completed after October 1, 2009; and
  •  The project must be completed before the rebate application is submitted.

The program also has numerous requirements involving the square footage of the house, location within state, issuance of payments, etc.

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  1. Is there still active rebates for door and window replacements?

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