The September edition of the DWM newscast is now live. The featured stories include two interviews with presidents of manufacturing companies who are doing well in these though times. Also featured is a report from the set of a recent Extreme Makeover Home Edition taping. DWM was there to talk to Serious Materials who donated the windows for the project.

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  1. Unless they’ve changed, Home Makeover selects what window to use by who will pay the most, it’s called paid advertising. You certainly are keeping Serious in the media forefront. How about a follow up on all the success and jobs they’ve created at Kensington and Republic? Both are “purchases” that you made a big deal about, or is that not in your or their best interest?

    Yeah I’m jealous of all the free PR you are giving to Serious, but I also want to make sure you know what you are covering.

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