The Insulating Glass Manufacturers Alliance (IGMA) has issued IGMA Technical Publication TM‐3100‐09, Voluntary Guidelines for the Identification of Visual Obstructions in the Air Space of Insulating Glass Units.The association says these are advisory guidelines to assist in achieving long‐term performance of sealed insulating glass units. These guidelines are intended for use by those who design, specify, manufacture and install insulating glass units and were written as a result of open discussions and review by the IGMA Visual Quality Working Group and others knowledgeable in the field. The association adds that the guidelines were developed in accordance with IGMA due process procedures. In addition, they reflect existing technology and are subject to periodic review and change.


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  1. We are a window manufacturer, and would like the full details of this technical publication.

    You can email it to the address noted above.

    Thank you.

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