The top stories include the latest news from June’s AAMA conference, including the association’s development of a green fenestration program, and comments from the Department of Energy’s Marc LaFrance regarding various DOE initiatives. In other news, we take a look at the upcoming Win-door trade show as well as some good news stories from manufacturers.


  1. Just watched your newscast….great work Holly & Tara…and thanks for the plugs for Win-door!

  2. […] CLICK HERE to view the video. […]

  3. Nice ”headsup” Matt , great quality video and …of course… a great plug to windoorshow North America!

    I love receiving the DWM e-mail every week, very informative ! Keep up the good work LADIES 🙂


  4. Good work, a refreshing improvement on reading. Your AAMA coverage was good and the WinDoor announcement was timely.

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