As further proof that some companies are still investing in manufacturing operations, Hurd announced that it will invest heavily in renovation plans in its Medford and Merrill, Wis., facilities. The company says that the multi-million dollar, multi-phase project is designed to upgrade its manufacturing facilities and processes.Specific plans for renovation include new lines to support the manufacturing of Hurd’s new H3TM window. Building upgrades, technology system advancements, and lean manufacturing and logistic improvements are also planned.

The investment and renovation initiative is backed by Hurd’s new ownership, HWD Acquisition, Inc., which purchased the company assets in December 2008, and their parent company Longroad Asset Management, LLC.

“With over a million square feet of manufacturing space and the backing of one of the strongest balance sheets in the wood window industry, we have a bright eye on the future and are optimistic about our growth opportunities,” says HWD Acquisition President Dominic Truniger.

He adds that this initiative goes well beyond just buying a few new pieces of equipment.

“This is one of the largest investment of capital ever made in Hurd’s history,” says Truniger.

He points out that the renovation is focused on anticipating its customers’ present and future needs, as well as protecting the company’s position as an innovator in the window industry.


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  1. Excellent article.

    Now is the time to invest and restructure.

    Use the slow-down to make the changes you could not make when you were busy.

    Keep up the good work and quality products.


    Jim Strauch

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