Gorell Windows & Doors in Indiana, Pa., recently recalled the last of its furloughed employees. The company is even currently accepting applications to fill additional positions. Company officials say the callback comes in response to rising demand, due to the company’s active promotion of the new federal tax credits for windows and doors and the upturn in business that occurs each spring.

The company claims to have more than 78 percent of its replacement windows meet the requirements for the $1,500 federal tax credit that homeowners can take advantage of in 2009 and 2010.The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009, which was signed into effect by President Obama on February 17, provides a consumer tax credit up to $1,500 for 30 percent of the cost of qualified remodeling projects that improve the energy efficiency of an existing home-including replacement windows and doors.

Gorell has various combinations available to dealers to sell to their customers, including grids and SolarShineTM low-maintenance glass; this amounts to more than 500 possible model/option choices to homeowners. Numerous Gorell product models-including double-hungs, sliders, casements, awning and picture windows, as well as sliding and hinged patio doors-meet the 0.30 U-value and solar heat gain ratings required to qualify for the tax credits.

“We are committed to offering homeowners a wide array of premium windows and doors that qualify for the federal tax credits,” says Wayne Gorell, president and chief executive officer of Gorell Windows & Doors. “In fact, we recently introduced a new high-performance double-pane glass option that allows even more of our windows to meet the tax credit criteria.”



  1. Good for Gorell. Great American Company

  2. Gorell is an excellent company with a sound reputation within the home improvement industry. They are one of a number of window manufacturers that have contributed to this complimentary e-book on replacement windows designed to help inform homeowners in these critical economic times.

  3. I can remember going through the old Season All plant in the 60s +70s . My father was highly instrumental in guiding the company into the then new “replacement window” market. Happy to see what the company is all about and wishing you future success. AL Jr

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