Philips Products has issued an official statement about the company’s upcoming closing. The statement notes that over the last 15 months, Philips’ parent company, Tompkins PLC, has been attempting to sell the business and has been unable to locate a buyer.

“This was not a decision taken or made lightly but one made in the best long-term interests for Tomkins PLC,” reads the statement.

The company says it will be providing WARN Notices to the majority of its 675 employees on Thursday, June 4, and Philips officials will be working with state and local agencies “to lessen the impact this decision has upon the employees and their families.”

Company president Ron Mason sent a notice to customers on June 1 regarding the closing, and noted that Philips will be taking orders through June 19 and sending its final shipments in the weeks following.

The company has seven manufacturing plants across the United States, with headquarters in Elkhart, Ind., and makes vinyl doors and windows for both new construction and remodeling, according to information from Tomkins PLC. Philips also manufactures aluminum and vinyl doors and windows for the manufactured housing and recreational vehicle (RV) markets.


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